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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cuddlebee Review

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample a product from Cuddlebee.

How excited was I when I was offered a FREE BIB of my choosing! I just finished my first-ever HUGE Birthday Bash giveaway, on Facebook. I hand-picked my favorite pages to request sponsorship, and Cuddlebee was one of them, of course. The owner was so kind as to offer me a "hostess gift," or in this case a "Birthday Gift," as the theme for my giveaway surrounded my birthday in February.

So I headed right on over to their website,, and I had such a tough time choosing! I was pleasantly surprised that the website was easy to navigate, and that their product lines were divided into Boy/Girl/Neutral items. This made it even easier. I have a little girl of my own, but I wanted to leave the option open to a neutral fabric, just in case I saved it for another baby in the future (wink wink - don't get excited, Mom, I'm not pregnant).

Now I know what you're thinking; neutral baby gifts are BORING! But Cuddlebee is here to prove you wrong! They have the most adorable fabric choices! See why it was so hard for me to choose?

Here is the bib I chose, the "Green Zoo" bib. Now, I'm sorry to say that the website no longer offers this bib. I'm not sure if they will offer it again, of if it is gone for good. But if you really love it and can't do without it, perhaps you can request that they offer the fabric again in the future.

This bib measures 12" x 9" and covers most of the front of my baby. The size of a bib is so important to me, since the whole idea is to protect those adorable clothes. The closure is a velcro system, and the back has super soft chenille fabric. All Cuddlebee products are triple-stitched for durability, and they're sent to you pre-washed in Dreft detergent.

Wanna know what else makes Cuddlebee products rock!? They're machine-washable! That's right, no hand-washing required. How simple. They're offering you fun, affordability and easy maintainance, all wrapped up in some really great products.

Please check out Cuddlebee online at, or check them out on their Cuddlebee Facebook Page. I know you'll find something you LOVE!

To see my full video review of Cuddlebee's Green Zoo Bib, just click PLAY :)


NOTE: I do not receive payment for reviewing products. I simply did this out of the kindness of my Cuddlebee-loving heart.

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