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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Eclectic Willow Review {Plus a giveaway!}

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample some products from The Eclectic Willow.

The Eclectic Willow offers a variety of items, including hand-poured gourmet herbal candles, beautiful photography prints and custom screen-printed apparel. Every item created and sold at The Eclectic Willow is one of a kind and unique, and made by the owner with love.

I was full of excitement when Bethany Adams, owner of The Eclectic Willow, offered to let me review some of the products she sells. She offered to send me two of her hand-poured gourmet herbal candles. And who doesn't love candles?! I'm very concerned about the way my home smells. So there is nothing better than walking into the house, and taking in the lovely fragrance from an Eclectic Willow candle.

Bethany let me choose the essential oils I wanted for the candles, as well as the option of soy or beeswax for each. I chose a lemongrass soy candle and a lavender soy candle. The candles arrived safely snuggled in their box, and were amazingly intact during our 100+ degree July weather! When I opened the box, my senses were immediately greeted with their amazing aromas! Each candle was poured into a cute, metal tin, with a see-through removeable lid.

The lavender soy candle has a beautiful aroma. If you're a fan of lavender, you can appreciate that the candle has real pieces of lavender in it. The lavender adds an element of visual whimsy, as well as an amazing aroma when it burns. I can fully say that my Eclectic Willow candles fill the room with a soft glow and warm smell, and the house seems more calm and relaxed while they are lit.

The lemongrass soy candle has a potent and clean lemon aroma. I also noticed sweet notes in the candle's perfume. Bethany did not skimp on the amount of essential oils she added to my candles. When shopping for candles, you really do get what you pay for. If you shop for bargain candles at a dollar shop, you are more likely to end up with a candle that burns too quickly without much fragrance inside.

One great thing about a candle from The Eclectic willow is that you are getting a product that should be offered in a gourmet boutique, but has a much nicer price tag. I was very impressed with the quality of these candles, which ran only around $8-$10 on average! It's also great to know that each candle is literally one-of-a-kind, as she mixes and pours every candle by hand when the order is placed. There is just something to be said about handmade items, as opposed to something that has been stamped out on a factory line. Check out some of my other favorite items, found in her etsy shop.

The Handmade Flowerpot Candle - One of a kind, with adorable flower-molded wax in a darling flowerpot!

The Georgia Peach Candle - Peach-scented, orange paraffin is poured in this whimsical tin!

The Vanilla Cinnamon Owl Candle - Sounds yummy and looks adorable!

I love that Bethany uses upcycled containers for many of her candles, offering a truly unique product line for her customers. She explains her candle-making process like this, "My creation process is very personal rather than automated. I choose the containers for the candles myself and pour the wax by hand. While I use the same tins for my custom-order herbal candles, most of my other candles are unique. I LOVE to upcycle when possible. It is so much fun to find some neglected container at a yard sale or thrift shop and turn it into something beautiful to be enjoyed again. I will work with just about any kind of wax. I prefer natural waxes like soy and beeswax, but there are some projects that work better in paraffin." The Eclectic Willow's candles are fragrant and long-lasting, and their prices can't be beat! Please check out The Eclectic Willow's website and etsy shop, because once an item is sold, you might miss out on your chance to buy it!

Here, Bethany tells us a little bit about herself.
"Right now, I put the 'small' in small business.  I have a daughter who just turned two, so I have to work around her schedule.  I have been making candles for almost ten years, but only in the last year or so have I been trying to turn that interest into a business.  I especially love designing unique candles, often custom made for my customers.  I have also fallen in love with screen printing.  It is almost like magic to be able to print just about anything on a shirt, and I love to bring that to people who might never get their idea made at an expensive, large printing shop.
Due to a major (!!!) cooling issue in my new workshop, I lost a decent bit of my stock to the 110 degree weather, so my Etsy page currently looks a bit sparse. I just moved most of my workshop to my friend's photography studio, and I'm making new things every day."

The Eclectic Willow is offering you a chance to win your own hand-poured gourmet candles, like the ones I received! She is graciously sponsoring our 8K Facebook Fan giveaway. {ENTER HERE} from 8/15/12 - 9/14/12!

The Eclectic Willow
Bethany Adams, Owner


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