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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foxy Baby Boutique Review {Plus a giveaway!}

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample some products from Foxy Baby Boutique.
Foxy Baby Boutique offers great items like made hair bows, bow holders, hair clips, fairy wands, tutu's and head bands, all at reasonable prices.

I was excited when Korinn Fox, owner of Foxy Baby Boutique, offered to let me review some of the products she sells. I have a very girly two-year-old daughter, with an abundance of hair and a bow collection to match. So any time I have the opportunity to add to her bow collection, I'm all about it!

The items she sent included one of her new fairy wands, a fun fleur-de-lis hair bow and two argyle ribbon-lined clippies. It's a cute handmade package, well made, and priced at $20 for everything.

I knew the fairy wand would be a real hit with my daughter. According to Korinn, "The fairy wands I make are so much nicer than the plastic ones sold in stores. The wand is made of wood and is covered with ribbon." The wand is made of a puff of tulle atop a dowel rod that is lined in ribbon. Two corkscrew ribbon lengths and two pearly strands dangle from the tulle. Korinn has put much effort into making this a quality product.

Although the wand is fun and whimsical for any princess-loving child, I do recommend these fairy wands for older children. As a mom, I must put out a fair warning that the pearly strands could pose a choking hazard for younger children and babies. At the age of two, my daughter will be allowed to play with her wand only under my supervision.

The hair bow she sent is simply adorable. The ribbon is pink with a black fleur-de-lis pattern printed on it. The bow is attached to an alligator clip, proven to be perfect for most any application, whether it be holding the hair out of my daughter's face, glamming up her ponytail, or clipping it to a cute hat.

The clippies set consists of two alligator clips, lined with pink and black argyle ribbon. They go right along with the above hair bow in color and style. I found no issue of glue globs or fraying ribbon ends with any of her products, as she takes the time to heat seal all ribbon ends. This is an important step when making hair bows, as I have lost a few favorite hair accessories to unfortunate frayed ends.

All the items Korinn sent me were made by hand, and made well. It is obvious that Korinn puts a lot of time and love into her work. She handmakes every item she sells, and takes the necessary steps to ensure they will last. Check out some of the other items found on her Facebook page.

The Fairy Wand in action!

The Cranberry Bow - Classic and cute!

The Halloween Korker - Fun and festive!

Please check out Foxy Baby Boutique, and tell her Sugar Mama sent you!

Here, Korinn tells us a little bit about herself.
"I am a mother of two little girls and I started this in 2009 when my first daughter was born and I could not find cute accessories in the mainstream stores. So I sat down and started making my own. Once I started, I fell in love with making them and all the endless possibilities of colors and styles. I had many people ask me about the bows I made for my girls and started making them for others and Foxy Baby Boutique was born."

Foxy Baby Boutique is offering you a chance to win your own Fairy Wand and Hair Accessories, like the ones I received! She is graciously sponsoring our 8K Facebook Fan giveaway. {ENTER HERE} from 8/15/12 - 9/14/12!


Foxy Baby Boutique
Korinn Fox, Owner


NOTE: I do not receive payment for reviewing products. I give my honest opinion and am not a spokesperson for the companies I review.

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  1. These are great gifts for girls. What little girl doesn't want a magic wand?

  2. love your products for the girls, and very cute

  3. Great gift ideas for the little girls in our lives who are striving to be ladies! :)

  4. I love the fleur de lis hair bow and the wand!

  5. The hair bands are gorgeous

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  6. Every girl dreams of being a princess. This would be a great gift for a little girl.

  7. My daughter thinks she is a princess.She would love this.

  8. Cute gift for a little girl! I agree about the choking hazards, so wouldn't be letting my son play with the "wand"! :-)

  9. I seriously love the little argyle clips! They remind me of a sweater I used to have :) My niece would rock the wand :)

  10. My two granddaughters would LOVE the fairy wands!

  11. I love the Snowman headband. :) Everthing was very well priced.

  12. my stepdaughter would LOVE that wand!

  13. Those Fairy Wands are absolutely adorable!

  14. nothing is more fun than playing fairy princess. would love the wands for my nieces. thanks for sharing!

  15. I collect wands and they are very pretty!

  16. every little girl should feel like a fairy princess, and these little wands and bows do so much for their self esteem, who doesn't like to look and feel pretty?

  17. I love the Fairy Wands. Very pretty!

  18. I love your crocheted headbands. Too bad I don't have a daughter or know someone with one. Oh well...

  19. I checked out her website and I love the Christmas clips and the multi-colored Flower clips!

  20. I love her site, the bows are just adorable !

  21. The cranberry bow is my favorite. It is so vibrant!

  22. The fairy wands would be such a perfect party favor for a princess party! or such a perfect gift, because every little girl loves to be a princess!

  23. Cute, cute, cute! Love it all! The bows are the best, too!

  24. Wow the wand is just to-die-for in lavender

  25. the cranberry bow headband is cute. i love that color

  26. I love the fairywand that is so cute for both playtime, dress-up, or to use with a costume. they look sturdy not like those cheap plastic ones. I love the lavendar one so pretty. Lavendar and pink my favorite colors. I love the bows also so pretty. I really love the cranberry bow it is great for both everyday wear or for a hairpiece for christmas. Love it.


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