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Thursday, August 16, 2012

LuckyLu Creations Review {Plus a giveaway!}

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample some products from LuckyLu Creations.

LuckyLu Creations offers beautiful handmade greeting cards, invitations, cupcake toppers, banners, party favor tags and more. They also offer personalized product tags, iron on fabric tags, sew on fabric tags, mini thank you cards and logo stickers. LuckyLu Creations uses CPSIA complaint materials for their fabric labels. All items found at LuckyLu Creations are made in a smoke-free home.

I was ecstatic when Kara Dowling, owner of LuckyLu Creations, offered to let me review some of the products she sells. She sent a great selection of items that included a 15 pack set of Hand Colored and Glittered Cupcake Tags, sew on fabric labels displaying my company logo, and foldover fabric labels displaying my company logo. Since my primary business is running a crochet shop, Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique, I have wanted to try out fabric labels for my products for quite some time!

The tags arrived in a cute, individual plastic bag with the LuckyLu Creations logo sticker on front. This sticker is an adorable example of the logo stickers she makes custom for any company. The labels arrived safely wrapped in a manila envelope, ready for use! I was stoked!

The Glittery Cupcake Tags were sent as a pack of 15, with five fun cupcake designs. The back of the tags say "To:" and "From:" with plenty of space for you to write in the lucky recipient's name. The front of the tags display super cute cupcakes that Kara has taken the time to hand color and hand glitter. That's right...she does it ALL by hand! I can only imagine the amount of time this takes, especially since the tags are immaculate! They are made of such nice quality paper. They are not at all flimsy. And they hang from fun lengths of baker's twine, adding to their charm.

My new fabric labels printed out beautifully. Like I said before, I have wanted labels for quite a long time, but didn't know where to purchase them. And seeing how most of the companies I had researched only offer labels in large quantities, I wasn't ready to purchase something without really knowing how they would turn out. Having a sample in my hands really helps me make my decision. I will be buying my labels from LuckyLu Creations from now on.

 I was given TEN sizing options, which I thought was incredible. All I had to do was figure out how large or small I wanted my labels to be. Below is a list Kara gave me of all the size options for the labels. Kara writes, "Here's an estimate of how many labels fit per sheet, this number is subject to change based on the seam allowance you prefer. Other sizes are available, please just ask. Fold-over labels are the same price, however the quantity will be cut in half to account for the extra fabric needed for the other half of label. The quantity per sheet may change slightly depending on the amount of seam allowance you prefer.

20 labels 2 x 2 in size
28 labels 2 x 1.5 in size
30 labels 1.5 x 1.5 in size
32 labels 1.75 x 1.25 in size
30 labels 2 x 1 in size
48 labels 1.25 x 1.25 in size
50 labels 1.5 x 1 in size
65 labels 1.5 x 0.75 in size
80 labels 1 x 1 in size
80 labels 1.5 x 0.50 in size"

For both the regular and foldover sew-ons, I chose to go with the 1.5" x 0.75" size with a 1/4" seam allowance. After grabbing my measuring tape, I visualized these to be around the size I wanted. I was worried anything smaller might not be large enough to read. My fears were unfounded though, as the labels are extremely high quality and completely legible, and would probably be fine even a little smaller. The mind-blowing fact is that they are only $10 per sheet! So for the amount of regular labels that fit with my logo at the chosen size, they end up only $0.25 cents per label, and only $0.42 cents per foldover label! So worth it! And Kara sells these by the sheet, instead of in huge batch requirements.

As I'm terrible at cutting a straight line, I enlisted my trusty rotary cutter and cutting mat for the job. The labels were easy to cut, as the fabric is the perfect stiffness to cut cleanly. I folded my labels, ironed them on a low heat setting for a clean look, and went to sewing them on by hand with a needle and thread.

I knew the first item I would label would be one of my daughter's favorite hats. I love this pink hat on her, and think it is so neat that I can now label the kids' items with anything I dream up. I'm actually thinking of having Kara print some labels that say, "Made by Mom," or "Crocheted with Love by Amanda." How fun is it that I can make all types of homemade clothing and accessories for my kids, and have them labeled forever! These labels turn my handmade items into even more cherished keepsakes.

The result? My daughter's hat is now tagged! I absolutely love how it turned out! I can't quit looking at it and thinking about how this label tells the world that I made this hat. The final step to consider is laundering. Kara gave me specific instructions for washing items that are donned with my new labels. She let me know that she has done a colorfast treatment on the labels. The fabric company instructs using caution with detergent, and that it is best to hand wash the labels. This works out fine for me. Since my items are crocheted, I always suggest handwashing my items.

Kara said that in her experience of working with and selling the labels, she hasn't had any personal issues with using detergent on them, but that machine washing should be done on the gentle cycle. Although, she doesn't recommend using a heavy duty cycle, with vigorous or heavy agitation, as this could affect the design printed on the labels. I absolutely love my new labels and plan to purchase more in the future from LuckyLu Creations. Check out some of my other favorite items, found in Kara's Etsy shop.

The Supergirl Mini Lunchbox Notes - Surprise your little girl in style!

The Personalized Football Favor Tags - Add style to your football kick-off party!

The Princess and the Frog Happy Birthday Greeting Card - The attention to detail is amazing!

Kara was a joy to work with. She took so much time making absolutely sure that my labels were perfect. Kara considers herself a perfectionist, and it couldn't be more apparent in her work. Her handwork is beautiful and extremely detailed. She offers a unique one-on-one shopping experience, and her prices can't be beat! Please check out her shop for all that she offers, because I know you'll think the same!

Here, Kara tells us a little bit about herself.
"I am a Southern California transplant, now living in Maine, and am a mother of two little ones.  My husband and I also own an Indoor Children's Play Center, so busy is an understatement, but I love what we do.  I have been scrapbooking for as long as I can remember, and have always made my own cards.  I finally decided to start selling them 3 years ago and the rest is history.  Last year, I added Fabric Labels to my shop, and they became hugely popular.  Part of the reason is because of my biggest order yet, for 1000 labels that were added to items in the Emmy Award gift bags.  Pretty neat!  My labels are popping up everywhere (most recently on a baby blanket for Snooki's new bundle of joy, from "Jersey Shore")  And my paper-based items have quite the history, too.  Most recently my popcorn tags were added to the MTV Movie Award Swag Bags.  I love custom orders and making party decorations, too!"


LuckyLu Creations is offering you a chance to win your own Glittery Cupcake Tags and 2 sheets of Fabric Labels, like the ones I received! She is graciously sponsoring our 8K Facebook Fan giveaway. {ENTER HERE} from 8/15/12 - 9/14/12!


LuckyLu Creations
Kara Dowling, Owner


NOTE: I do not receive payment for reviewing products. I give my honest opinion and am not a spokesperson for the companies I review.

If you would like us to review your product, please contact Amanda at SugarMamaShop@gmail.com.

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  1. The Princess and the Frog Happy Birthday Greeting Card looks amazing!!

  2. I Love all the nice crafts here.

  3. wow you have some great skills in creating wonderful art.

  4. Love the cupcake tags.

  5. These are so perfect for my son's second birthday coming up in November!

  6. I'd love to use these in my preschool class. They would be great for name tags!

  7. I admire anyone who has the patience and creativity to handmake cards. These are beautiful.

  8. I like the tags. However, I really like the "So Glad To Have You Gnome Greeting Card". Too cute! The layering is great!

  9. awhh how creative! they are beautiful!

  10. The lunchbox notes are a great idea...makes kids feel special to know that mom is still with them a little bit

  11. I love the lunchbox cards! What a great idea!

  12. I really like the labels I want to get more into bow making and sewing projects so those might work !
    sent from Rantings from Lil n Hail's Blog for the giveaway

  13. I look at the labels and think of my dad. he crocheted alot and would sew labels in. Thanks for the memories!! thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow, the tags look amazing. How did you learn to do all this? My mom can sew/crochet, etc. but apparently the skill is not hereditary!

  15. The cupcake tags would be perfect on any gift. The greeting cards seem to make any occasion special.

  16. I love the tags and the labels, my sister makes beautiful creations and she really should have her own labels in them, she has practically clothed the whole town with the teddy bear sweaters she makes, and i would love it if she could tag them for her customers, and friends and family, it would add that personal touch, she deserves the recognition :)

  17. Such a great talent...bless u in your buisiness!

  18. I absolutely LOVE that you sell these in sheets rather than large sets! So many companies want you to spend $40-50 on your first order and I don't like spending that much until I have a chance to check out a product! Thanks for offering such great options!

  19. I checked out her Etsy page and I really like the Team Edward and Team Jacob tags; would be so hysterical for a teen birthday party or Halloween.

  20. Wow! She does labels? I would love to invest in some of those!

  21. I love the lunchbox notes! I try to put a note in my daughters lunch box every day - and this would make it really special!

  22. The clothing tags are adorable! Could use so many of these products!

  23. Love the happy birthday greeting card!

  24. love the princess and the frog card. that would make a good theme birthday

  25. Oh I love the tags so cute. But that Princess and Frog birthday Card now that is one of the most adorablest cards that I have ever seen. So lovely and I would have loved to get that card when I was a kid I would still love to get a card like that now. So cute.


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