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Friday, July 13, 2012

Melissa Berry, Independent Scentsy Consultant Review {Plus a Giveaway!}

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample some products from Scentsy.

Scentsy offers high end, flameless candle waxes, plug-in warmers, personal fragrances, stuffed animals, sachets, room sprays and more, all at a reasonable price. Scentsy's website breaks it down like this, "Scentsy began with a simple idea — a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles — and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world. This wickless concept is simply decorative ceramic warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame."

When Melissa Berry, Independent Scentsy Consultant, offered to let me review a Scentsy item that was completely new to me, I freaked! You see, I am a total Scentsy-holic! I even have a specific, reserved place under the kitchen sink for my HUGE stash of Scentsy bars and bricks. It's an addiction...but I'm working through it. And this time around, I was going to be the proud owner (or the mother of a proud owner) of a Scentsy Buddy!!!

Scratch, along with the other original Scentsy Buddies, sits 9.5" tall, and is a total 15.5" from head to toe. He measures an utterly huggable 5.5" wide. And he's made of the softest fabric and is so fun to hold.

Melissa was so kind as to give me the choice of Buddy, and I chose this adorable kitty! My daughter loves cats, and has the cutest "Meow," so I couldn't pass up Scratch.

My daughter LOVES her new "Scentsy Kitty," as we call him. She carries him around the house, and does the cutest "sniff, sniff, sigh!" while she holds him. I was able to choose my Scent Pak's fragrance, and I chose Skinny Dippin', as this is one of my favorite wax scents.

Scratch is so soft and furry. He's adorable and huggable. And what shocked me was how fragrant he was after we added his Scent Pak. At an estimated 6+ feet away, I was able to smell his Scent Pak, easily. And now that a couple weeks have nearly passed by, he STILL smells wonderful! The fact that his Scent Pak could be noticed inside the animal, and from such a distance really sold me on the quality of this product.

Adding the Scent Pak was so easy! Scentsy Buddies have a zipper in the back, with a hidden pouch underneath. You simply zip him open, insert the Scent Pak, zip him back up, and then tuck the zipper pull under the flap. You can't even see the zipper after this.

I fully recommend Melissa Berry as a wonderful and personable consultant for all your Scentsy needs! After being given this great opportunity to review our new Scentsy Buddy, I want to collect every one of the eight adorable pals. Christmas and birthday gifts are easy to plan, thanks to Scentsy and their awesome products!

Look: Scratch even has a baby version! Now, Scentsy offers each one of its 8 Scentsy Buddies in a smaller, Baby version! These baby buddies also come with a FREE Scent Pak, just like the original Buddies! The Baby Scentsy Buddies are each 7" tall, when seated, just 2.5" smaller than the larger sized Buddies. Check out some of my other favorite items, found on her website.

The Air Force Full-Size Scentsy Warmer - Next on my warmers list, as I'm an Air Force Wife!

Ollie the Elephant Scentsy Buddy - A classic favorite!

The Newborn Nursery Scent Pak - Use in a new Buddy or as a yummy drawer Sachet!

Melissa is the sweetest, most helpful consultant I have ever worked with! Her personal communication with me has been timely and thorough. She works very hard to reach her goals each month, making sure you are completely happy with your purchases. It really shows how much she loves her job, as an Independent Scentsy Consultant. Please check out her direct Scentsy site for all that she offers, as I promise you will NOT be disappointed! Since this review, I have purchased another Scentsy Buddy for a friend's daughter, as a 1 yr birthday present. This lucky little girl will be receiving the "Ollie the Elephant" Scentsy Buddy (shown above), and a "Surfer Chick" Scent Pak to go along with it!

Here, Melissa tells us a little bit about herself.
"Hi! I just started with Scentsy and it's May 2010.  I never thought that I would ever do anything like this. Then I discovered Scentsy.  I had heard about Scentsy several months before but hadn't given a thought into joining until I met my Sponsor, Amy.  She is Fun, positive and very encouraging.  I love the products and use them everyday.  What better advertisment could that be!
 **UPDATE**  It has been 4 short months.  I have accomplished my first goal of becoming a Certified Consultant.  I am having a blast with Scentsy and have discovered a new side of me that I didn't know that was there. I have many more goals set forth.  And I know that Scentsy will be there to help me with them.   
  **UPDATE**  It has now been 6 months since I signed up.  I am still having  a great time :) Made new friends and really have stepped outside my box.  I just offically signed up my first recruit.  I will do my best to help her as much as my sponsor and friend has helped me.  I have reached another goal...and just as I thought Scentsy and my Scentsy Family have been right there with me!!
**UPDATE** It has offically been a year!! Can't believe how fast time has gone by.  I have reached my next goal of making Lead consultant and have 2 amazing ladies on my team.  I have already thought of a team name for us and I think it fits perfectly!  I love Scentsy.  The beliefs of the company definitely go hand in hand with my own.  I am still having a blast with it and love going through my orders when they come in - it feels like opening a Christmas present each time.  Can't wait to see what challenges, fun and excitment that Scentsy will continue to bring :)
**UPDATE** It has been 18 months now. I can say I am happy as ever :) I love that Scentsy has provided me with such a wonderful group of people in my life.  From the wonderful people I have met while selling to the amazing friends I have met in other Consultants.  I am able to give more than I take! And share my passion with others.  
**UPDATE** It has been two years! Can you believe it!? Because I know I can't....time flies when you are having fun! WOW! I am just shocked! I love all the amazing things Scentsy has provided us with.  They truly care about their consultants and others around them.  Our convention is coming up for the entire Scentsy Family! Las Vegas here we come! I am super excited about it.  It's Convention! My friendships continue to grow, my confidence continually extends and I'm just having the time of my life! "

Melissa Berry is offering you a chance to win your own "Scratch the Cat" Scentsy Buddy AND a "Skinny Dippin'" Scent Pak, like the ones I received! She has graciously donated these great gifts to our 8K Facebook Fan giveaway. {ENTER HERE} from 8/15/12 - 9/14/12!


Melissa Berry, Independent Scentsy Consultant


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  1. love these animals

  2. OMG! What a great idea. My cousin would love a lavender one for her autistic son. That smell always calms him down.

  3. I love scentsy would love to have one of the scented animals.

  4. What a unique toy. So cute.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  5. I've never seen a scented animal toy before. This is very unique. I wouldn't mind having one for my daughter.

  6. i really like the cupcake warmer and some of the smells sound so yummy.

  7. How cute; my son *loves* cats and anything scented (just like his daddy). I just don't know if he would be able to leave the zipper alone lol! :-)

  8. Since I want to be a crazy cat lady, I could totally use this :) I always tell people I am going to have a shop with a bunch of cats and all cat stuff lol.

  9. I love the idea of scented stuffies!

  10. I have been using Scentsy for 2 years now and I might have your "problem"! You can never have to much Scentsy! My nephew has the elephant buddy and loves it!

  11. i have never tried anything from scentsy, but i have wanted to!

  12. I would love to have the cat and scents!

  13. OMG these are so adorable!! I would love to have one. I'd go into a second childhood lugging it around LOL thanks so much for sharing!!!

  14. I don't think my granddaughter would like these, she would have to fight too much to get it away from me!! haha these are wonderful :) i would want two, one for me and one for her, just so we wouldn't fight hehehe

  15. I love both the scratch the cat and ollie the elephant buddies. they are so adorable. My son would love the elephant. I love anything scented.

  16. Idea is unique! Would love to give these as a gift!

  17. Scratch is the MOST adorable idea! My 5 year old son would absolutely love this. He loves his stuffed animals and this one would quickly become his favorite!

  18. Scentsy is awesome. It's been a while since I browsed a catalog. I checked out Melissa's site and I would like the Silver Bells and Clove & Cinnamon full sized bars.

  19. Wow! That was such a good deal. I have yet to try the scentsy line but now I am beyond ready to.

  20. I love Scentsy - they have so many wonderful smells. I love that they have products that give back to charities - I bought the teachers warmers last year that had handprints on them, and some of the proceeds went to autism. A special gift that they loved, and was making a difference. I also have the breast cancer warmer, another one dear to my heart.

  21. Good smells are always welcomed! Enjoyed looking at what you have to share.

  22. I SO want that hamster? scentsy.I think it's a hamster anyway.Sooo CUTE!

  23. as an air force wife i love the air force warmer

  24. My daughter would love that plush with a good scent. I would love some new bars for my mom , she has a warmer.


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