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Thursday, July 19, 2012 Review {Plus a Giveaway!}

Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample some products from offers the same designer brands and styles of glasses you can find in a store, but at a fraction of the price. Their products carry a 100% Authenticity Guarantee as well as a Risk-Free 366 day return policy. Their claim is that if your glasses don't fit, you may send them back for a full refund, and they'll even pay for the return shipping. You can even be reimbursed for your purchase, if you are eligible for insurance reimbursement. is even so confident that, "You'll be so blown away by shopping with and become a customer for life," that they offer you your FIRST PAIR FREE....for REAL!

And isn't just about business as usual. The company is also very involved in philanthropy, specifically the Change the View Project, where for every pair of participating designer frames purchased from, a second pair of eyeglasses will be donated to someone in need. That's the kind of company I like to stand behind.

Justin, a representative for, offered to let me review a pair of prescription glasses of my choice. This was so great, since my husband desperately needs a pair of new glasses. Justin was so helpful and quick to answer all my concerns. The only problem was that my husband has a very high prescription. If you are familiar with how to read a prescription, you know that whether the number is + or -, the higher the number means the stronger the prescription. Although currently offers up to a -12.00, they only offer up to a +6.00 on the positive end of the scale. And since my husband unfortunately needed a higher strength, we couldn't make it work for his glasses order.

The good news is that Justin and were so gracious as to let me review a pair to give to my mother! I would have been so happy to order a pair of glasses or sunglasses for myself, but I knew my mother was in more need of a pair of glasses than I was. So in order to do the most good, I requested a pair for her. She was given the choice of any frames she wanted, as long as they were not part of the luxury collection. She had literally hundreds of frames to choose from!

After hours of giddiness in choosing, she finally settled on the Magic Clip M 336 Brown frames. These glasses are so neat, as they really are two pairs in one! She gets the benefit of prescription frames, along with the option of wearing sunglasses, too! After seeing the frames in person, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how nice they are. They are a really high quality pair of glasses, and are by no means cheaply manufactured. The sunglasses Magic Clip clips to the frames by the use of magnets, and the magnets have just the perfect amount of hold to them. I don't worry that they will ever fall off or become to difficult to remove from the frames. was so generous in their offer, as I was offered the thinnest lenses and all the coatings I could ask for. Let me take you on a tour of the easy, user friendly ordering process.

This screenshot shows the frames my mom chose. If you are worried about the sizing of any pair of frames offered on the website, have no fear. One of the great things about's ordering process is that they have taken the guesswork out of it for you. Every frame listing shows the measurements for the frame width, temple length, frame depth, lens diameter and bridge width. They also have a measuring guide which shows you how to find the lens diameter, bridge width and temple length of your current frames, for reference. You can even use their Find Your Perfect Fit tool, which narrows down your frame choices after you enter the measurements you're looking for. offers high-tech ordering, all in the comfort of your own home.

After choosing your frames, the next process takes you through the steps to enter in your prescription. Once again, makes it so easy for you, offering helpful prescription-entering information and video instructions on reading your prescription. And if you still feel you need help, you can call or click to chat with a representative during business hours.

Once you have entered your prescription information, you will be given lens options. Another awesome thing about is that unless you are ordering Bifocals or Progressive (No-Line Bifocals) lenses, your high quality basic lenses come standard, aka FREE, with your frames! You only pay for lens upgrades, should you choose! And bifocal lenses are still super inexpensive, starting at just $99.00. You can also order sunglasses and transitions lenses at an extra cost.

My mother needed bifocals, so I ordered the Ultra Thin Air Progressive Lenses. And having Progressives means her lenses have no tell-tale lines on them. No one will have to know she's wearing bifocals, which can make some people self conscious about their age. These lenses are so incredibly thin that they almost look like they're not even there! I seriously had to do a double take, as it looked like I had received a pair of frames sans lenses! It reminded me of performing in plays throughout high school, since we used empty frames as props.

I also really appreciated that sends a FREE hard glasses case, FREE cleaning cloth and FREE tightening tool with every order! The glasses case is super durable and so nice to have, especially if they are tumbling around the bottom of your purse. The cleaning cloth and mini spray bottle are so handy when you're in need of a quick cleaning on the go. And the tightening tool, which I took apart in the photo above to display both ends of the phillips and flat head mini screwdrivers, is completely adorable and extremely useful. I love that it comes on a key chain ring. How smart!

Finally, before checking out, you are given the options to add extra lens coatings. The coatings include a Premium Anti-Reflective Coating, UV Protective Coating and Scratch Resistant Coating. I chose all three for my mom's glasses. Bundling all three together saves for the cost of one coating ($9.90)! was a joy to work with. The ordering process was simple, easy and straightforward. They have a huge selection of glasses, enough to fit everyone's style. The glasses we received are great quality and fun. And the shipping was really quick. Turnaround time is generally only 3 days from placing an order. I like everything the company stands for, especially its return policy and great customer service.

So what did my mom have to say about her new glasses? I called to get her opinion. The first thing she said was, "I love them!" She went on to express her love of the Magic Clip sunglasses clip, how incredible her vision is while wearing them, and the awesome clarity of the smallest words on a page. She was so impressed at how crisp and clear everything was after putting them on. She told me, "The minute I put them on, I felt like, 'I can finally see.' They feel like I'm hardly wearing anything, they're so lightweight. They're not annoying in any way, and I love the Progressive no-line lenses." Words from yet another happy customer. :)

Here, Justin tells us a little bit about
" is the planet’s biggest online eyewear company, empowering our customers to easily browse, try on and buy eyewear – saving money, time and sanity."

GIVEAWAY! is offering you a chance to win your own pair of prescription glasses, valued up to $98.00! They are graciously sponsoring our 8K Facebook Fan giveaway. {ENTER HERE} from 8/15/12 - 9/14/12!

Phone: 1-866-333-6888


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  1. I don't wear glasses, but I'm getting older, so it's probably coming! I'm a sunglass-aholic, though!

  2. perfect glasses and very nice

  3. I've had glasses since I was 3 so I'm sure my kids will probably need a pair along the way!

  4. I'm gonna need a new pair of glasses soon, very nice designs.

  5. I dont wear glasses but my daughter does and I love the sunglasses.

  6. Purchased 2 pairs of glasses from them and they both came out perfect and for a great price!

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  7. I don't wear glasses but great review and giveaway.

  8. I ordered a pair for my husband awhile ago and the frames were all so good looking that it took me 2 days to decide.They have excellent customer service and the glasses are exceptional

  9. Thanks for the spectacular review! :)

  10. I wish I had known about this site *before* I dropped $271 on new frames & bi-focals (I know for *next* time)!!! :-(

  11. Wow! That is an awesome gift! I wear glasses at night and contacts during the day. My daughter is due for a check up for her astigmatism so these could seriously help us out! They look really fashionable too, so maybe I'd wear them during the day too.

  12. My husband wears contacts, its easier then glasses but I will pass this along to some people I know that have glasses.
    Was sent from Rantings from Lil n Hail's Mom as part of the 8k giveaway

  13. These look very fashionable. Thanks for giving me a choice!

  14. I have a hard time finding glasses that fit my face. Grrr... I buy my glasses in the kids department, which is a limited selection. I feel you got great service, better than some on sight stores.

  15. I've ordered from coastal and I'll tell ya what, anybody who is putting it off thinking it's not quality, well your wrong! I love my glasses and their designer and well made! Love em! Thanks Coastal!

  16. My glasses are so old. These look great!

  17. I have needed a new pair of glasses for a couple of years. these are beautiful!!

  18. my eyesight is getting worse... not worse, i don't think my eyesight has changed per say but I know I tend to take my glasses off to read, i am nearsighted but in order to read i look over the top or under the bottom... ya ya i need bifocals.. shhhhh don't tell

  19. I dont wear glasses however my fiance does and he is actually in need of a new pair. this review was very informative and it looks like they have some very stylish glasses and I love that you get a free hard case a cleaning cloth and tightening tool with your purchase. very helpful as my fiances glasses got ruined because he didnt have a case to keep them in.

  20. I have bought glasses from you and they are great and very inexpensive.

  21. Coastal has the best deals on glasses. I so need to get new ones. I haven't had an eye exam in 3 years and my progressive bifocals so need to be replaced. Unfortunately my husband is unemployed and we don't have the money for me to get the eye exam, but when we do save up, I am going to buy my glasses from!

  22. I'll have to tell my sister about their website. She's always buying cheap glasses at the drugstore. I'm sure she would find something more useful here and get a better idea of what's available.

  23. Me and my husband are in the market for new glasses so I really appreciate this review! I am checking out their site now.

  24. I'm definitely needing glasses more as I get older. I love the philanthropy of this site - helping others who need glasses but can't get them. Will make me a customer for sure!

  25. I could sure use a great pair of glasses. These look super! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I love that they have a year-long guarantee,that's fantastic!

  27. these are really nice looking frames. and my whole family will probably end up needing a pair


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