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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revisiting some of my old artwork

When I feel like crocheting is taking over my life, I like to dream about all the other crafty things I love to do. Today I was reminiscing about some paintings I've done. One of my favorite paintings is the piece I made for my mother.

She handed me an unfinished wooden cabinet door, and asked me to paint a bird, a nest, and the name she gave to her property.

First, I crackle painted it. Then I took a mouse sander to it in different spots, to give it a more aged look. After I was completely finished, I put 20 coats of clear spray coating, so that it would keep from getting scratched for as long as possible.

I had so much fun creating that one! Here are a couple more shots of the board sign.

I've also painted some artwork on antique windows taken from old homes. I clean up the glass really well, and brush off dirt and mud from the frame. I don't wipe off any grimy spots, since this adds to the aged look of the piece.

I made two paintings for my mother and grandmother, respectively. Each were done in a Halloween theme. I'm proud to say they are used in my family's homes each year for Halloween decorations.

It's tough to choose my favorite of the two,

since I love them both so much!

I have made other paintings, but I always end up giving them away. :(

Now I just need to make time to paint one for myself to keep!

I hope you enjoy them, ♥ Sugar Mama
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