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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Make Play Makeup - For Under $5! [A TUTORIAL]

If your little girl is anything like mine, she is totally intrigued with Mommy's makeup process. What could be 5 or 10 minutes usually ends up being 15 or 20, after I explain to her what each item is. She loves it when I rub some on her face, or what she thinks is real make up. All it takes is my finger and an imaginary swipe across the eyeshadow to keep her content. After all, little girls just want to be like Mommy. And I don't want her to grow out of that!
Since she's still only 2 years old, I wanted to make something for her to play with ONLY while I am putting on my makeup. So until she's a wee bit older, the play makeup will stay with me, and will come out when I'm getting ready.

You might be surprised at how easy and inexpensive this project is. I was able to buy everything at my local Dollar Tree store for $4.23, which included 0.23 cents in tax. I walked out with a blush brush, two cheap makeup containers, and a two-pack of fingernail polish. What a deal!

Here's how to do it:

 Open your cheepo makeup's and use any blunt object to carefully crush up the powder. I used the wrong end of a butter knife. Toss that mess in the trash can. Wash your containers in warm water with soap. You can use your hands or a dish brush. Dry with a paper towel and get ready for the next step.

Sloooooowly pour from one of your nailpolish bottles into the newly cleaned container. My bottles had enough of a lip so that the shaker ball didn't fall in. If you are very careful, you shouldn't have trouble with this. But I know I wouldn't want to fish one out, so try to keep this from happening.

After you have poured to the top of the rim, start on your second container. At this point, I had used a little over half of each nailpolish bottles.

Now, it's time to WAIT. After going through this experience, I can tell you that the smell from the nailpolish is going to permeate the room where these are drying. I kept them in our master bathroom, and regretted it! The bedroom smelled like a nail salon, and that was even with the fan on. So if I do it again, I'll put them downstairs in the laundry room or garage. The point is to put them in a well-ventilated area, where no one will run the risk of bumping into them.

After 24 hours, the nailpolish had evaporated to a point where there was plenty of room to pour in the last half of each nailpolish bottle. I poured them in and waited another couple days to let them fully dry. Even after an entire bottle of nailpolish in each tin, they still sunk in a little. But they are so cute!

I know my little gal is going to LOVE using her "makeup" while I get ready in the morning. And I'm going to love watching her pretend. I think I like watching her more than she likes playing. It melts me a little inside. :)

Oh, and think of how cute these would be as inexpensive party favors for a princess or dress up birthday party! Oh the gears are moving now....


Now you can make her a makeup bag to hold it all! Check out my Matching Mommy & Me Makeup Bags Tutorial!
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