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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Lacing Cards for Kids -- a FREE Printable [A TUTORIAL]

Easter is coming! Easter is coming! Spring is nearly on our doorstep, family will be arriving in a couple weeks and fun is in store! I love Easter time. I'm not really the kinda person who has ever really loved the idea of Santa or the Easter Bunny, when it comes to celebrating holidays that are supposed to be surrounded around our Lord. But I'm also not a total Scrooge.
I'm okay with letting my toddler believe in Santa and go on Easter egg hunts. What's the harm? As long as we teach our children the real meaning for these precious days on the calendar, I welcome the fun of the other "stuff." And so in the spirit of crafting, quiet time for Mommy, and a little Eastery spin, I designed some Easter Lacing Card printables for you.

This is such a fun activity for kids! And when you have little bitty children, like me, it's nice to have activities for them to be able to take part in at this age.

These are so much fun and super easy to make.
STEP 1: Simply print the 3 page PDF file, which offers an adorable sheep/lamb, a cross, a chick/duck, a heart and a chocolate bunny.

STEP 2: Then cut out each shape along the outline to use as a stencil, using scissors or an X-Acto knife.

STEP 3: Use double-sided tape, or an inside-out loop of tape, to secure the cut out shapes on top of your desired surface. Great ideas for lacing cards include chipboard, craft foam, cardboard and more!

STEP 4: Cut around your new stencil, using scissors or an X-Acto knife. Then use a hole punch to punch along the printed dots.

Kids can have HOURS of enjoyment with lacing cards, and it is a great activity for working on dexterity and concentration. Let your child use some colorful yarn, shoe laces or ribbon to thread through the holes. If your child is old enough to handle a large, blunt-eyed needle, let him or her use this to help.

Hours of fun...and quiet for you! And don't forget to take them in the car with you, too!
Click on my Craftsy link below, where you can snag these printables as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD for FREE! {Own a Silhouette cutter? Send me a message, or email me at SugarMamaShop@gmail.com, and I'll share my Silhouette file with you for even easier cutting!}

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Have fun, enjoy and may God bless you!
♥ Amanda
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