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Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Today is cold. It's very cold. There has been snow coming down since last night, and it is supposed to continue through tonight. This is our 3rd big snow storm of the year. The first two were within a week of each other, and dumped a total of 22" on us.
Since I'm so cold, I thought I'd sit down and let the laptop warm up my legs. And once I unthaw, I'll get back to business, getting this house ready for Easter weekend and family! Yay! This is just a quick post I thought I'd write, to share with you some things about me. I don't share much about myself, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do so.
And thus...
10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I am deathly afraid of mannequins. This tops the list, for I am severely in fear of anything mannequin-like, as well. Most dolls and stuffed animals also creep me out. The real thing that bothers me is that I think they come to life when I'm not there. I know this isn't really the case, but I tend to have a very wild imagination.
2. I can't watch scary movies. This is along the same lines as #1, because of that imagination I have. I think that if I really were to accept it and go with it, I could write some really scary stuff. I wish I had a flowery and sunshine-y imagination, but everything that I dream up is always scary. What's wrong with me!? :)
3. I'm uber-competitive. I don't like to stand in front of an audience and be praised for my accomplishments, because it embarrasses me, but I can't stand not to be on top. I have a very strong drive to always be the best. It's not a mean-spirited urge, but it's one that keeps me on my toes.
4. I have embraced the pale. For years as a teenager, I tried keeping up with my friends and their sun kissed summer bodies, by laying in horrid tanning beds. But several (seeeeveral) years ago, I accepted that I'm a pale gal, and there's nothing wrong with that. Plus, I don't want to be wrinkly when I'm much older.
5. I have two kids. Well, if you know me already, you probably know that. But if you don't, I have a girl and a boy, and they are amazing. I am so inspired by each one of them, every day. I absolutely love being a mom. It's exhausting, but it rocks.
6. I have been married for over 7 years to a total hunk. I truly think it was divine providence that brought us together. How else would we have met? We are best friends, and we always support each other. Marriage has been a blessing in my life.
7. I love to bake. I always thought that my dream would be to own a bakery, I love it so much. But then, I would probably not enjoy it if it were actually my job. So keeping it a hobby will be just fine for now.
8. I was in the band in 6th-9th grade. I played the Alto Saxophone. I played the Tenor Saxophone in the jazz band. I was actually really good on both. I have awards to prove it. I played the piano, outside of school, under instruction of a piano teacher. I rocked the keys, too. And I loved recitals, but hated the end where everyone applauded. There goes my embarrasment about praise, again. The reason I quit the band was because I thought it was geeky. Man, was that a bad choice.
9. I was in Speech & Drama. I loved being in plays, though never was a lead. There was a girl in my grade, still one of my very best friends to this day, who was much more into it than I was. She was most often lead in many of our plays. She deserved it. She rocked. But I think I loved speech competitions even more than plays. My strong suit was the standard oratory. 8 or 10 minutes, if I remember correctly, of a memorized speech, given to a room full of competitors. I have awards from that, too. It was a rush.
10. My very first car was a Ford Fairmont. Never heard of it? No surprise. Google probably won't even tell you what it is. Just think of the typical boxy drawing a child makes when you ask for a picture of a car, and that's a Ford Fairmont. It was red with a white (pleathery?) top and PLAID interior. It died on me every time I hit a stop light. My friends called it "The Sweetmobile" and it definitely fit the, albeit sarcastic, moniker.
So there you have it! Ten very odd and random facts about me, but facts nonetheless. And hey, now you know me a little more.
Happy Sunday!
♥ Amanda

1 comment:

  1. You're too cute. And we have several things in common!


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