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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A few simple clicks can be sure you don't lose your winnings!

If you enter giveaways, the majority of the time you may be required to like a Facebook page(s), even from a site off Facebook. As a giveaway host, I know that when your "likes" can't be verified, you may be passed up for a win you may have deserved.

Here's how you can be SURE this won't happen to you!
1. Go to your profile, and click the little gear to the RIGHT of "Activity Log." In ...the drop-down menu, click "View As." What the public sees on your page should show up.
2. If your likes aren't there to see, go back and click "Update Info," which is to the LEFT of the "Activity Log."
3. Up top, near your name, click "About," then click "Likes."
4. Now click "Edit" (Top Right).
5. Finally, scroll to "Other Pages You Like," and be certain the little globe representing the public is chosen.

Boosh! That's it. Public likes for ALL to see. :)

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