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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loyal Fans Surprise Giveaway WINNERS!


Amanda Nowak is the WINNER of a "Buzzy Bee" Bumblebee Hair Clip!

Melanie Ashman is the WINNER of an Easter Chick Hair Clip!

Debbi Jo-Jo is the WINNER of an Easter Bunny Hair Clip!


As for everyone else, THANK YOU for your entries AND for your continued loyalty as Sugar Mama fans! I love rewarding my fans, so stick around for more FREE goodies, soon!

<3 Sugar Mama

Monday, March 26, 2012

Loyal Fans Surprise Giveaway!

Hey everyone! In order to REWARD my loyal fans on Facebook, I'm having a surprise flash giveaway, starting today! For those of you who can't access the giveaway tab on Facebook with your mobile phones, I have posted it here, too.

There will be THREE separate winners!

Good luck!

<3 Sugar Mama

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd Annual BDay Bash WINNERS!

Here is the list of the winners from my 2nd Annual Birthday Bash. This giveaway was sponsored by some of the best pages on Facebook! Winners will have 72 hours from the time of this post to claim their prize(s).

I hope you all had a blast playing and finding some new and amazing Facebook pages and shops! xoxo

TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE(S), you MUST send an email to After I hear from you, I will verify with the sponsor that you are a current fan. If you are proven to be a current fan, I will forward your email on to the sponsor. If you do not claim your prize within the allotted 72-hour timeframe, a new winner will be chosen.

New winners have 72 hours to claim their prize(s).
If prizes are unclaimed by March 14th @ 7pm, prizes will not be redrawn.

Winner's Circle:
1. Sugar Sprinkles Hat from Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique - Anna Mae McCreery (CLAIMED)
2. Personalized Onesie from Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique - Holly Miller Stacy Nevinger UNCLAIMED
3. Posh House Slippers from Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique - Tammy Connolly  Elizabeth Jordan UNCLAIMED
4. Collegiate Beanie from Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique - Jennifer Reyer Young  Jessica McMasters (CLAIMED)
5. Butterfly Hair Clip 6 pack from Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique - Sarah Newton Wilkey  Amanda Belliveau (CLAIMED)
6. $20 PayPal Cash from That Crazy Lewis House! - Laura Rizo-Gordillo  (CLAIMED)
7. $25 Gift Card from Centslessdeals - Roberta OKeefe (CLAIMED)
8. $15 iTunes Gift Code from Valerie's Reviews - Shannon Gammon Melanie Ashman (CLAIMED)
9. $10 Gift Card from Sweet Baby Boutique - Rachael Kojetin Briana Brigette' Avery (CLAIMED)
10. Pink Coach Bow from Miss Mia's Bows - Jamie Ludwig Dafoe (CLAIMED)
11. House Slippers from Crocheting Mama of 2 - Adrienne Hayes (CLAIMED)
12. $25 Gift Card from Best Dressed Babies - Holly Domer Amanda Mucha UNCLAIMED
13. Joleen Slouchy Beanie from GypsyMoon Crochet Shoppe - Erin Eidson-Moffett Morgan Liddell (CLAIMED)
14. $10 Gift Card from 3 Little Birds Boutique - Virginia Horner Andrea Danger UNCLAIMED
15. Campus Hat from For the Love of Scarves - Melanie Ashman (CLAIMED)
16. Legwarmers from Ruffles & Rhinestones Bowtique - Lisa Keeney Athena Demetro (CLAIMED)
17. Tie from Ruffles & Rhinestones Bowtique - Adrienne Hayes (CLAIMED)
18. $10 Gift Card from Ruffles & Rhinestones Bowtique - Nicole Marie (CLAIMED)
19. Basket Weave OR Cupcake Hat from Yo! Crochet - Jennifer Cashin (CLAIMED)
20. Pea Pea Necklace from Precious Charms and More - Amy Girdley Hoemeke (PENDING VERIFICATION)
21. Two Scentsy Circles from Independent Scentsy Consultant (Wickless Candles) Shauna McDonald - Melanie Davis Laura Rizo-Gordillo UNCLAIMED
22. Rosette Clippie from Smock-A-Palooza - Tania Moher (CLAIMED)
23. Handmade Card Variety 6 pack from Cards by Jessica - Tania Moher (CLAIMED)
24. Custom Digital Design 1 of 3 from Scrappy Gifts - Virginia Horner Victoria Davis UNCLAIMED
25. Custom Digital Design 2 of 3 from Scrappy Gifts - Chrissy VanMeter Victoria Davis UNCLAIMED
26. Custom Digital Design 3 of 3 from Scrappy Gifts - Tina Metcalf Tiffany Stufflestreet UNCLAIMED
27. 15 Personalized Preppy Note Cards from Preppy Personals - Becca Aubertin Erin Bateman (CLAIMED)
28. $10 Gift Card from Precious Little Baby - Shea Naylor Balentine (CLAIMED)
29. $15 Gift Card from Sweet Berries Boutique - Amanda Beth Smith Patricia Dye Masi (PENDING VERIFICATION)
30. Stretch Cowboy Bracelet from Creations by Pilar - Amy Warren Shanna Uptergrove (CLAIMING)
31. 3 Duct Tape Pens from Creations by Pilar - Ann Madru Elston Jill Schmidt-Robichaux
32. 2 Heart Clippies from Doodlez Bowtique - Heather Burgess Jarae Wilcox (CLAIMED)
33. $20 Gift Card from My Belle Boutique - Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher Melissa Moncrief UNCLAIMED
34. Tinkerbell Dress from Little Fashions - Holly Domer Jasmine Eve Arroyo-Martinez (CLAIMED)
35. $15 Gift Card from Sweetly Smocked - Melanie Briggs (CLAIMED)
36. Mitten Clips from Andrea's Pacifier Clips and More - Anna Mae McCreery (CLAIMED)
37. $15 Gift Card from Kat and Company - Alyssa Haven Amanda Belliveau (CLAIMED)
38. $15 Gift Card from Sassy Cassie's Creations - Jenessa Teichroeb (CLAIMED)
39. Daisy Clip from Kourtney's Kollection - Holly Domer Bonita Adkins (CLAIMED)
40. Pea Pod Charm from J. Pogo Designs - Tania Moher (CLAIMED)
41. Custom Memo Board from block.paper.scissors - Amanda Joy Harris Shanna Uptergrove (CLAIMED)
42. Necklace from Queeny Belle Frills - Lauren Cruz (CLAIMED)
43. $15 Gift Card from Jilly's Boutique - Lauren Cruz (CLAIMED)
44. Tutu from Simply Inspired - Kristin Teed Marcus Sutherland (CLAIMED)
45. Blue Lilly Bracelet from The Wild Tangent - Tiffany Sanderson Tiffany Stufflestreet UNCLAIMED
46. Tea Towel from The British Chick - Holly Allen Stacy Nevinger UNCLAIMED
47. $50 Old Navy Gift Card from - Sarah Leatherman Monica Powell (CLAIMED)
48. Heart Ring from Krystal's Creations and More - Bree Higgins Erica Jacobson UNCLAIMED
49. Sprinkle Scent Sampler Goodie Bag from Wickless Scent Sprinkles - Misty Oxner Andrews Jen Deaton UNCLAIMED
50. Embroidered Bag from Zboutiqueshop - Jenessa Teichroeb (CLAIMED)
51. $15 Gift Card from Rock Princess Fashions - Shanna Uptergrove (CLAIMED)
52. Stuffed Owl from For the Love of Scarves - Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher  Heather Mccomas UNCLAIMED
53. Butterfly Booties from Pretty Stitches - Laura Rizo-Gordillo (CLAIMED)
54. $10 Gift Card from Candy Apple Cuties - Shanna Uptergrove (CLAIMED)
55. 3 Scentsy Bars from Jodi / Scent the Moment / Independent Scentsy Consultant - Tessa Smith (CLAIMED)
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