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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My poor, neglected blog...

Shame on me! I haven't written anything in MONTHS! And for a long time, I hadn't even read my own favorite bloglist feed. Sugar Mama's took over during the holidays, and I was booked out for several months. Now that the storm is over, I've had some wonderful time to work on things I want to make. I am currently booked into mid to late March, but I've given myself a little more space in between orders.

I've started to prepare for a craft show in the Spring. It's the 36th Annual Show-Me Crafters Spring Craft Show in Sedalia, MO. The show will be on March 10 & 11, for 8 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday. I have to get my booty in gear if I'm going to have enough products to fill up a 10' x 10' space!

The best way I've been able to mentally tackle this effort, all while working on current orders, is to make a good amount of an item, one at a time. The first variety of items I'll be selling is Mamachee's Birdy Baby Rattle. My 17-mo-old daughter has been quality-controlling each rattle, without any requests. They have to sound perfect! I'm going to ask $20 for each, and offer about 25 or so in various colors. I have only photographed one so far. After I make them in several colors, I plan to take a photo of the group of rattles.

<3 I just love these guys! <3

After I finish the rattles, I'll tackle some Susie Q's in various sizes and colors. I'd like to show the picture here once I have some finished. They are a different version of Mary Janes than I have offered in the past. I love how they look. They're adorable.

My own big news is that we found out on Tuesday that we're having a BOY! Here come some great boy items! Watch out! I'm due in June, and will be taking less orders each month, so that I don't get overwhelmed. Once our boy arrives, I will more than likely take a hiatus from the shop until life returns to a semi-normal pace. :)

Other than that, we've been working on tiling our kitchen. It's taking a while, since my husband is on mid-shift (graveyard shift) at the moment. We are only able to do small portions of the floor each day, since he comes home around 8am and has to get to sleep around 3pm. Luckily, they have shift changes about every three to four months. He's in the Air Force. We have fun with our DIY home projects. This will be the 3rd room we have tiled. We laid the rest of the floors with wood immediately after we bought this house in 2008. My husband has terrible allergies, and we wanted to rip up the carpet before we even moved in. After the kitchen, the only floor that remains to be tiled upstairs is the hall bathroom. Phew!

So until next time, have a super awesome wonderful spectacular amazing day!

<3 Sugar Mama
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